Fruitland High School Band
& Color Guard

"The Pride of 
Western Idaho"

Uniform Cleaning Fee

The $10 uniform cleaning fee is due at registration unless a student intends to raise the money during fundraising events. It is then due on or before the designated date before the band travels in the fall. This fee is used to dry clean the student's uniform at the end of the school year in preparation for the upcoming school year. It is important that each student pay this fee either at registration or through fundraising because the band is self-funded and does not have the funds to cover the cost if students don't pay.

Instrument Rental Fee

 The instrument rental fee only applies if a student is renting an instrument from the Fruitland High School Band Program. If you have made rental arrangements with Mr. Williams, you must pay the $45 fee during school registration or earn it through fundraising. This fee is due before the first home football game at which the band performs. 

Travel Expenses

 Each year the band travels to compete in a field show. Each student is responsible for his or her own travel expenses. These expenses are determined by the destination, length of travel, transportation, hotel, food, and other travel expenses. All expenses, except for spending money for souvenirs or personal items, are included in the trip cost. This includes meals and entertainment. The cost and due date for the amount to be paid will be posted on this website and students will be told the amount well in advance. Typically, the trip expense will be approximately $650 per student. Students must pay their trip expense fee prior to traveling with the band.

Fees & Expenses Summary

To participate in band there must be a financial commitment. The trip expense, marching band fee and uniform cleaning fee can add up to between $600 - $650, or more, per student.  There is also the instrument rental fee if that applies. Students who are ambitious can earn enough through fundraising to pay these fees and expenses. The Band Boosters provide many fundraising opportunities throughout the year and we encourage you to get involved in as many events as you can. No student should feel that they cannot participate in band because of financial circumstances. If there are concerns or questions about paying fees and expenses please contact Jill Stephens, Mr. Lasnick, or Mr. Williams.

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