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Students in the Marching Band & Color Guard have several opportunities to raise funds throughout the year. Money earned goes towards marching band fees, instrument rental fees, uniform rental fees and travel fees. The band program also  raises funds for various purposes during the school year. Our largest fundraising focuses are for the cost associated with marching band and our travel during the marching season.

What do fundraising dollars go for? 

  • Transportation
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Food
  • Cost of materials for the color guard
  • Additional instructional staff
  • Maintenance/trip permits for the band trailer
  • Contest entry fees
  • Fees for music arrangements
  • Equipment deemed necessary for the success of the entire marching program

Various fundraising opportunities will present themselves to students during the year.  In order to get paid, all students must sign in and sign out with a chaperon at each fundraising event. 

The following information explains the fundraising policies we have in place and gives a brief overview of the fundraisers that are scheduled for the upcoming year. If there are questions after reading through this information, please contact Kurt Christensen or Mr. Williams. We are happy to answer questions, discuss concerns and make arrangements with students and parents.

Fundraising Policies

It is the policy of the Fruitland Band Booster Organization and the Fruitland High School Band that only students currently enrolled at Fruitland High School in the Band Program at the time of the fundraising event may benefit financially from the event. Parents, guardians, siblings, and all others who volunteer to assist or participate in the fundraiser will not be compensated for their time and effort from the proceeds of the event.

Proceeds from all fundraising events will be directly deposited into the accounts of the students who work at the event. All funds will go towards band fees and expenses. If students earn more than they owe, the overage will be applied to another student's account as determined by Mr. Williams and Mr. Lasnick. No money earned at a Fruitland High School Band Fundraising Event will be refunded to any student at any time. If a student does not travel with the band and has earned the money for the trip, the remaining funds, after paying fixed trip expenses, will be applied to another student's account or to the general band fund. No funds will be refunded for the student to use as spending money while traveling.

Students may pay for their Marching Band fee ($100), Uniform Cleaning fee ($10), Instrument Rental fee ($45), and Travel expenses (TBD) through fundraising. These fees and expenses are due on or before the designated date prior to the annual fall band trip. Students may also pay fees at school registration but are not required to pay then if they intend to raise the money through fundraising. If students are ambitious and hard working they can earn enough to cover all of their band fees and expenses. So get out there and make some money!

Car Washes

We will have three car washes this year. Check the calendar for dates. All three car washes will be held at Jiffy Lube in Fruitland and begin at 9 am.  Band car washes are not your typical car washes. Students have the ability to earn a significant amount of money if they are willing to do some work before the car wash even takes place. Students are encouraged to ask family, friends, and supporters of band to pledge a monetary amount for each car they wash. We wash 100 cars at every car wash. If a student got a pledge of 10 cents per car, at the end of the car wash he or she would collect $10 from the individual who pledged. If the student got ten people to pledge he or she would collect $100 from one car wash. There is much potential for students who are self motivated to earn a significant portion of their fees and expenses.  Students must come and work at the car wash to collect pledges. There are shift sign up sheets in the band room the week before a car wash. Shifts generally run from 8:45 - 11:00, 10:45 - 1:00, and 12:45 - 3:00. We also need adults to supervise and join in the fun. Adult shift times are the same as the kids'. The car wash is free but donations are appreciated. Donations received are divided between those who have worked at the car wash that day. Car washes are a lot of fun! Hope to see you there!

Pledge forms can be downloaded at any time from the downloads page. Start collecting pledges!

Prime Rib Dinner

The Fruitland Band Boosters and the members of the Grizzly Band & Color Guard host an annual Prime Rib Dinner Fundraiser. This dinner is held in March and has been a tradition for many years. It is an important fundraising event because many students are able to raise all of their money for fees and expenses for the next school year. The community of Fruitland is so supportive and we are so appreciative! 

Students begin earning funds by selling tickets to the dinner. Tickets sell for $25. Students then sign up for a shift to work at the dinner. They can serve food, seat guests, wash dishes, or any one of the many jobs that must be done to keep the event running smoothly. A student receives $7.50 of the ticket price for selling the ticket and $7.50 for working at the event. That is a total of $15 per ticket that is deposited into their band account to go towards fees and expenses. The remaining $10 of the ticket goes to pay for the food and towards lowering the cost of travel for all of the students. Eighth grade students are encouraged to participate. The Prime Rib Dinner is a great way to earn money, have fun and an excellent way to begin your band experience!


You have probably seen the Grizzly Band & Color Guard Semi Trailer at the High School or on the road. On both sides of the trailer there are advertisements for our sponsors. These businesses have bought space for their advertisements and helped a band student pay their fees and expenses. Sponsorships are a quick way for a student to earn what he or she needs to pay band fees and expenses. There are two levels of sponsorship: gold and platinum. Sponsors can buy advertising for one year (gold) for $500 or three years (platinum) for $1000. Students who commit a business or individual to a sponsorship will receive one-half of the sponsorship fee to put towards their fees and expenses. A student who signs a sponsor up to purchase three years of advertising for $1000, will have $500 credited towards his or her band account to be used for fees and expenses.

To sign-up a business you will first need to have them fill out the Sponsorship Form. The completed paperwork, a check for the amount due, and a business card or design for their advertisement needs to be returned to Jill Stephens or Mr. Williams. If the business would rather mail this information and a check, they can mail them to:

Fruitland High School
Attn: Joel Williams
P.O. Box A
Fruitland, Idaho 83619

Additional Fundraisers

We are able to have Raffles during the year.  Typically the raffle ticket sales are 100% profit for the student's account.  We usually have one raffle in association with the Prime Rib Dinner, and another one during the marching band season.

We are also adding additional fundraising opportunities for students and will pass information along as these become available.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events